About Us


About Us

Storch Advisors is led by Gerald Storch, an experienced CEO with decades-long real-world business and top management consulting experience. He has assembled an accomplished team of expert senior executives, with subject-matter expertise, who are brought in as needed to address your specific project professionally, intelligently, and fast. Each project is custom-tailored for your situation.

When should you use Storch Advisors?

> When you want experienced and knowledgeable executives to take another look and bring a fresh pair of eyes to a situation.

> When a business feels stuck to jump-start and reaccelerate.

> When innovation is essential and you’d like some new ideas.

> When you want a challenge to your direction so you can be sure you haven’t missed something.

> Before making an investment in a business, to understand the opportunity, challenges, and true value-levers.

> After an acquisition, to lay a course for the first “90-Days,” “Year” and “Long-Range.”

> At an inflection point, for example when the Internet is changing the nature of your industry or when a new non-traditional competitor is emerging.

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